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Covid19 Info

Covid-19 Info

Last update: June 2022

Since June of 2022 the Austrian government has dropped all remaining Covid restrictions (apart from a few exeptions that are likely irellevant for you as a tourist).

For that reason, we have returned to a normal operating state too.

We kindly ask you as you for mutual mindfulness and respect towards other guests in the public areas of the hotel. 

We wish you a wonderful holiday. Stay healthy and happy! 



Latest, up to date information:


  • Hygiene has always been a top priority for us, not only since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • We comply with all guidelines and governmental regulations in regards to SARS-CoV-2.
  • Ongoing awareness and staff training among our team ensures everybody is acting professionally in order to grant you the safest possible vacation.
  • Our staff members are fully vaccinated
  • Please follow the link as to access up-to-date information in regards to your Tyrol holidays.

Covid-19 special cancellation policy:

In general, our regular booking terms and conditions do apply.

We grant cancellations free of charge* under the following conditions:

  • A travel-warning for Tyrol in Austria has been issued by your national authorities.
  • Governmental quarantine order for travellers returning from Tyrol in Austria, issued by your national authorities.
  • The district of Lienz turns “red” on the Austrian national “Covid-19 traffic-light-map
  • Hotel Cis or the community of Kartitsch are ordered to quarantine or shut down (“lock down”).

We highly recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance. Insurance policies provided by the “Europäische” travel insurance – which may be booked through our website – explicitly DO cover Corona virus illness-cases. Because of this, we would like to emphasise that you getting sick from the Corona virus does NOT qualify for a free cancellation of your reservation.


* Your deposit can be used as credit towards a future reservation or may be refunded upon request. In the case of “non-refundable” rates or offers, a refund is not possible. Payments related to such reservations will be treated as credit for a future stay at Hotel Cis.


We started offering “Prepaid-Voucher” with special conditions (10 % discount) as follows:

Value Price
€ 1.000,-- €   900,--
€ 1.500,-- € 1.350,--
€ 2.000,-- € 1.800,--






The vouchers do not expire, may be transferred to others and may be split. Your voucher will be deducted from the total amount of a future stay at Hotel Cis. No cash disburse possible (the value of the voucher should not exceed the total of your hotel-bill). We appreciate you redeeming your vouchers for direct-bookings. You are welcome to use your voucher even for special-offer bookings (such as early-bird discounts etc) or package-bookings.

You have to buy and pay your voucher at least 6 weeks prior to the stay (date of arrival)  you would like to apply the voucher for.


Do not hesitate but contact us right away


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