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Wellness at Kartitsch

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna - Bio-Sanarium

Made out of local spruce-wood our Finnish sauna and Bio-Sanarium offer the classical sauna-experience.

Finnish Sauna

  • ~90° C temperature
  • 0 - 10 % humidity
  • Usually a sauna session takes 10 minutes and can be repeated 2 – 3 times.
  • As a result the body heats up to 40° and it feels like having fever.
    This assists the body in breaking down and removing toxins.


  • 50° C temperature
  • 20-30 % humidity
  • A sanarium session can take up to 20 minutes. Regular use may help lower blood pressure.
Turkish steam-room

Turkish steam-room – aroma steam room

Enjoy the finest porcelain stoneware our steam-room is made of, relax afterwards in our relaxation-area with panoramic view

Turkish steam-room – aroma steam room:

  • 42° C temperature
  • 100 % humidity
  • The steam-room relaxes your body and has a sustainable effect for your metabolism.
  • In combination with natural oils and extracts added to the steam – orange and conifer – the healthy effect helps even your air-ways / lungs and is good for your skin.

Relaxing area:

Take a seat in our comfortable deck chairs, enjoy the view and silence whilst listening to sounds of the nature. Fresh water is always at your disposal. The braves even can dive the snow outside in winter ...

Infrared bath

Infrared bath

The infrared radiation stimulates sweating at lower temperatures (36° C), heating up well-defined areas of the body. It is relaxing for all, including those with heat-sensitivity.


The idea of this hydrotherapy comes from Sebastian Kneipp in the 19th century and became the synonym for “heath by water”. Cold and warm showers increase perfusion and strengthen the immune system.

Our SPA area boasts 2 shower systems with a waterfall function as well as massage jets. There is also a foot and lower-leg bath, along with a Kneipp-tube in the steam room.

Bathrobes and sauna-towels are available in the hotel. Enjoy wellness in our Hotel Cis at Kartitsch!
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